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Air Duct System Design

Improve your home's air quality and energy efficiency.

Your central air ducts are the "lungs" of your home.

Central air duct systems can either significantly worsen or dramatically improve indoor air quality, depending on how they’re designed.


Poorly designed air duct systems can waste energy by operating much longer than needed and providing uneven temperatures across the different sections of your home. Besides their environmental impact, they often lead to poor air quality by inviting harmful contaminants and odors from crawlspaces, attics, and "uncleanable" areas into your home.


In contrast, air systems that are properly designed and filtered provide both a comfortable and cleaner climate-controlled environment.

Image by Brina Blum

A Breathable-designed air duct system improves air quality and energy efficiency.

A Breathable designed air duct system also functions as a central air purification system, helping fight indoor air pollution by preventing microscopic airborne contaminants from circulating in your home.


This is particularly important during wildfire season – in fact, the EPA strongly recommends the use of high efficiency HVAC filters as a key strategy for reducing indoor contamination levels during a wildfire.

Learn how Breathable's air filtration system compares to leading brands.

A Breathable design is feasible in almost any home.

Breathable can design an energy-efficient air distribution system that, once connected to your home’s heater or AC, would provide climate controlled comfort, and cleaner air.


All of our air duct designs include a MERV16 air filtration system which is tailored to California's air quality trends. 

Design System.jpg

Example of an air duct system designed by Breathable.

How does a Breathable air duct system work?


Whenever your furnace, A/C, or fan-only mode is operating, unfiltered air is drawn into the air duct.


This air gets filtered through a high-efficiency filter, which is integrated with your existing furnace or A/C.


Clean air is pushed through the supply ducts into all the rooms in your home.

House Diagram.png

What our customers say


"I had started waking up in the night with my sinuses hurting and began to suspect particulate matter in my heating system. Breathable installed their filter system and my sinus issues cleared up almost overnight."


"We were concerned with dust because of our newborn,  but the Breathable system cleared everything pretty effectively. None of the dust was being recirculated."


"The team was positively great at what they do. They were super efficient and after they finished we immediately noticed a difference in both air quality and the heating efficiency in the house."

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Benefits of a designed air duct system

Improved Air Quality

A properly designed air duct system helps prevent contaminants from circulating throughout your home.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Reduce your home's energy consumption, cost and environmental impact.

Wildfire Smoke Protection

All air duct designs include an air filtration system that protects your home air quality from wildfire smoke.

Improve your home's air quality with a designed air duct system from Breathable.

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