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System Cleaning

Breathable will clean your air duct system like only Breathable can

We take HVAC system cleaning seriously.

Breathable Inc. offers the most comprehensive air duct cleaning solutions in northern California. With over 15,000 past air duct cleaning projects, we know air duct cleaning better than any other local vendor, guaranteed. 




Fully specialized.

Cleaning air ducts safely and thoroughly requires specialized equipment and a coordinated, experienced, and dedicated team. Unlike most air duct cleaning vendors, Breathable can clean sheet metal, aluminum, and plastic (aka Wireflex) ducts due to our more specialized techniques and cleaning tools.


Air duct cleaning isn’t a one-person, one-hour job. What takes another vendor an hour to complete with a single technician, takes us several hours to complete, with a larger team, and more specialized air duct cleaning equipment. We're not slow – just thorough. Our goal is to maximize cleanliness, at minimal particle release, while keeping the integrity of your heating and air conditioning equipment.

We can clean sheet metal, aluminum, and plastic ducts.

Unlike most air duct cleaning vendors, can clean any type of duct due to our more specialized techniques and cleaning tools.

Our Cleaning Process


We'll remove all of your vent covers, AKA diffusers.


We'll deep-clean each duct with mechanical brushes, air compression, and high-velocity HEPA vacuums.


We'll clean and sanitize your air handling unit.


We'll test your system before leaving to make sure everything is working properly.

What our customers say


"I had a great experience with Breathable. They were thorough, respectful of my home, and educated me on the process. Definitely worth the money."


"Best part about Nir and his team – they care. The team arrived on-time and were courteous throughout the entire job. My favorite part about this review is saying how amazing the air quality in my home feels."


"It never occurred to us to have our vents and ducts cleaned. It was shocking how filthy they were and it became an immediate priority. The crew was thorough, no corners cut and we are happy with their work."

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Clean your air ducts with Breathable, your one-stop-shop for cleaner heating & air conditioning experience.

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