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Central Air Filtration

Upgrade your home's air quality and protect against wildfire smoke.

For Californians, air quality matters.

According to the EPA, indoor air pollution can cause both immediate and long-term health effects.


Overexposure to wildfire smoke, hazardous building materials, and spending more time than ever indoors make it critical for families to have a central air filtration system that adequately filters out harmful particles and pollutants.


Central Air Filtration improves your indoor air quality.

At Breathable, we integrate high-efficiency air filtration with your existing heating and/or air conditioning system.


Once the system is installed, the air distributed through your home is automatically cleaned and filtered on an ongoing basis. You can rest assured that the air in your home is safer, cleaner and healthier.

Examples of air filtration systems we've installed in various homes.

96% of Bay Area homeowners use inadequate air filters.

The most commonly used air filter brands don't filter sub-micrometer size particles like asbestos and harmful particles associated with wildfire smoke.

Breathable's central air filtration modifications are specifically designed for California's unique air quality needs

Learn how Breathable's air filtration system compares to leading brands.

How does Central Air Filtration work?


Whenever your furnace, A/C, or fan-only mode is operating, unfiltered air is drawn into the air duct.

This air gets filtered through a high-efficiency filter, which is integrated with your existing furnace or A/C.

Clean air is pushed through the supply ducts into all the rooms in your home.

Benefits of Central Air Filtration

Wildfire Smoke Protection

Breathable filters out wildfire smoke particles up to 20x more effectively than the most commonly used air filters.

Lower Environmental Impact

Reduce your home's energy consumption, cost and environmental impact.

Lower Maintenance

Breathable Intake filters will last a year in normal conditions. Most air filters need to be replaced 4 to12x per year.

What our customers say

"I had started waking up in the night with my sinuses hurting and began to suspect particulate matter in my heating system. Breathable installed their filter system and my sinus issues cleared up almost overnight."

- Gabrielle from Berkeley

"We were concerned with dust because of our newborn,  but the Breathable system cleared everything pretty effectively. None of the dust was being recirculated."

"The team was positively great at what they do. They were super efficient and after they finished we immediately noticed a difference in both air quality and the heating efficiency in the house."

- Steven from San Francisco

- Jesse from Oakland

Protect your home's air quality with Central Air Filtration from Breathable.

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