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A Breathable Intake is your home's first line of defense against indoor air pollution.

The EPA lists a high-performance central filter as a key strategy in regards to improving indoor air quality both during a wildfire and in general. With a Breathable Intake mounted on your furnace or AC, your HVAC system can clear up the air in your home dramatically faster.


How does it work?

A Breathable Intake dramatically enhances the effectiveness of your central heater or AC, to filter indoor air pollution. Supports filters rated at MERV-16 and specifically designed for homes in California, a Breathable Intake would work just as well if you live in an area that experiences frequent wildfires or just want to improve your home’s indoor air quality in general.


This upgrade works exceptionally well on common airborne indoor contaminants such as mold spores, allergens, and hazardous building materials such as asbestos fibers or lead dust. It also has an effect on VOCs due to an added layer of carbon. 

Up to x10 the performance of traditional filters

More energy efficient than traditional hyper-allergen filters 

Requires replacement only once a year



System Cleaning
A thorough cleaning of your heating/AC system's vents and ducts and other components.
System Sealing
Duct air leakage testing and sealing of existing duct systems for improved air quality and energy efficiency.
Air Filtration
Added protection against wildfire smoke particles, and other common indoor air pollutants.
System Design
Breathable's low friction air duct system design with comfort, air-Quality, and energy efficiency in mind.

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