Clearthumb | Dryer Vent Cleaning in San Francisco, CA

Clearthumb | Dryer Vent Cleaning in San Francisco, CA

Roger is the head of a home owner association board in San Francisco. He received many complaints about long drying times, burnt smell when using the dryer from the home owners.

While investigating for potential solutions for his problems he was reading an article in the newspaper about a house that caught on fire due to a clogged dryer vent not so far away from his home. he decided that it is time to clean all the dryer vents in the HOA (and his own). Here’s what Roger had to say:

“i based my selection of clearthumb from my experiences of selecting services from yelp; based on reviews and usually interviewing 3-5 different companies and to ask questions of methods, etc. also listening to their explanations. i have done my share of thorough yelp! reviews, which others have relied on, and also resulted in providing/adding their personal opinion on yelp. i think the majority of reviews on businesses speak for themselves.

i did call 5 different companies for methods used and estimates/quotes. i live in a small 23 y.o. homeowners association (hoa) in san francisco, comprised of 8 homes. i usually do the research, interviewing and selection of a company for providing their specialized services. contractors in their area of expertise or reputable general contractors. i called all 5 vent cleaning companies on my list, including the one our hoa has used several times. but decided, from experience and hearing of methods used by the other companies, to go with clearthumb.

i spoke with alex, the co-owner, and he explained his company’s method for clothes dryer vent cleaning. they use 2-types of brushes: a harder brush to release build-up at 90 degree bends; and a softer brush as a finishing clean. they start from inside of a home. if they are not satisfied, they also go to the roof and brush clean/vacuum the vent ducting.

trying to sync schedules with residents at home, at the same time, was the most difficult. but alex understood from experience with hoa’s. they do work weekends, the same time many customers request their service, because it’s the only availability for working folks. so customers should understand to schedule weekend requests further in advance than weekdays.

alex and co-owner, diego, came out. and diego’s bilingual skills came in handy for one home. what they noticed about all 8 homes, was that the vent tubing (sleeve) within the walls are all flex type and soft. not rigid galvanized-type. so they preferred, in our hoa case, to use the soft brush to clean those out. a hard brush could tear the soft flex tubing (sleeve and ducting) within the wall. he said any damage to the flex tubing inside the walls could result in opening the walls to repair or replace. something no homeowner would want to go through or the associated expense.

alex worked from the inside of homes, with the dryers turned on, monitoring the accumulation of lint and total clean out, during the process. and, at the same time, diego on the roof end with the soft brush. they communicated to one another, sometimes by cell/mobile device, whether or not diego had to continue or verify all was cleaned out. they had to take the caps off the roof flues to do that for the lint to escape. lots of lint came out. mine was the worst. then afterward, re-anchored the caps. never done by the previous vent cleaner. nor those options offered. alex and diego were very attentive to avoid problems. alex noticed one home’s clothes dryer wall vent opening/mouth was missing the wall collar. the flex duct run from the dryer to the wall was just taped and loose. alex tightly secured the connection and recommended that the owner have a proper collar at the opening installed.

alex and diego were friendly, knowledgeable, thorough and professional. and they gave a group discount for our 8 homes. which resulted in a 34% savings off the individual price normally charged per home. slightly higher than the original vent cleaning company we used; only by about $18 total difference for all 8 homes. so not much more and a better thorough and attentive job. i highly recommend clearthumb to single-family homes, condo and other property associations, tic’s, other multiple unit buildings and properties. even neighbor groups of single-family residential homes. you can get a discount for those who want group vent cleanings, even if the other homes decline to do so.

cleaning a clothes dryer vent is not only a fire preventive measure; but also increases the efficiency of your dryer. less time to dry clothes/shorter laundry day; and decrease your pg&e bill. also less wear-and-tear time on your dryer.

(hint: replace your clothes dryer lint collector, if you notice tears in the screen corners. the replacement mesh for the lint collector was no longer the screen-type. i paid less than $10 for the appliance brand replacement part.)

i give alex, diego and their company clearthumb, a high 5-star rating. a very much well-deserved rating.”

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